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Reasons Why Pigs Are Man’s Best Friend.

Each person has a different taste for most things including the type of animals to keep as pets in their homes. Although dogs are said to be the best pet for many people, pigs can be considered to be a better choice as pets than dogs. Pigs are intelligent animals or smart being able to learn quickly and show abilities to do things not common with dogs. When a pig is taught some trick it will do it perfectly and will not tend to forget quickly unlike others that need constant training to make them remember. If you happen to be sad a pig can know this and try to cheer you up by doing funny things or giving companionship to you at the time.

Pigs produce certain sounds and show certain behavior when they need something or feeling unwell to alert the owners. There have been cases of pigs saving people during tragedies by attracting attention from other people to take a look into the house. One can stay with a pig for a very long time due to the fact that they have a longer life span compared to dogs and cats. Dogs and other pets do not live long and one feels really sad when they leave them, however one can choose a pig as they live longer. Most people associate pigs with mud and such dirty environment which is actually not necessarily true because they can be clean when given better treatment.

The fact that pigs do not have fur means they do not mess up the house with fur while playing on seats and such furniture. It is also not easy for them to be affected by parasites such as fleas which are common to dogs who spread it in the house. The owner can train a pig to use a specific place such as a litter box to make it easier to clean after they help themselves. One can use a bathtub or ponds to cool off the pigs when it is hot without making the place dirty. A pig can stay with man for as long as possible due to being social animals which is not the case for dogs and some other pets. They are great companions to man and usually do some things to keep the person happy by being playful and also cute. If you stay alone with the pig, you can not get lonely since they enjoy cuddling. When you have a dog as a pet, it is impossible to have a cat as the two keep fighting.