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How 80s Culture and Fashion has Influenced our Pop Culture

The 80s seem to have taken over where most of our fashion comes from. This is the case in so much of our culture, in areas of entertainment and fashion. You may not even spot anything that comes from the new generation out there. Here are some of those 80s influences making a huge impact.
80s TV shows have taken over, with their unique qualities bare for all to see. You will find it hard not to spot at least one show on the streaming service not from that era. They are the personification of all that was the rage back then, and tuned into relevant topics for today.
Stephen King is another 80s icon making a comeback. This is due to his work influencing much of what we watch on TV, and a revival of interest in his literary works. When you look at how popular horror movies get over time; you can be certain this influence shall last for long.
You shall also see the same from classic arcades. You can go to this arcade and access our most favorite titles. You can access games like Pinball. These games need you to pay for the all-day pass, which allows you to have unlimited access to them.
The Walkman is also back, having been popularized by that culture and various movies. As much as music listening and storage technology has advanced, there is a charm to listening through a Walkman.
You can also go for denim jackets. Denim has never faded from popularity. Them being more popular now only serves to show how much of an influence the 80s style has been. You will most likely encounter other 80s style choices around, such as overall and high waist pants, colorful patterns and tie-dye, clout goggles, and colored Denim. There are even fanny packs making a comeback in ways you never imagined. These have had a polarizing effect among the masses, but their presence is no longer deniable. There are so many celebrities wearing them, which serves as all the influence needed to have more people spotting them as well. It is easy to understand how their popularity has no end when you see designers like Gucci and Chanel making them. When they make this simple tool into a fashionable piece, it becomes hard to ignore it.
It is not easy spotting contemporary design influences when all around you there are items that come from the 80s and making such a splash. This classic influence is seen as even fresher than anything recently released. You will see more of the 80s influences at this pace. You can see more about the 80s fashion and such culture on this site.