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A Legal Guide on Dog Bites.

There is always the chance of dogs turning against man and causing serious injuries regardless of being the longest and closest domesticate animal man has had by his side. After a dog attacks, it leaves one with bite marks, trauma, and an attacked person can easily contract rabies. Below are some legal steps you ought to take if you are a dog attack or bite victim.
Putting everything that happened during the attack from the beginning to the end during the dog attack is the most basic step you need to take down. If you might have had a verbal or physical exchange with the dog owner before and after the attack, ensure that you include it in your written record. It is also advisable that you include any expenses you are likely to incur in your write up and the laws pertaining to dog bites in the state you live in.
Reporting the dog bite matter is also an important step you need to take. Filing a report is very crucial as it enables the police to know if the dog has attacked someone else in the past once an investigation is launched into the matter. The also check if the owner of the dog has kept the dogs vaccinations up to date as this impacts your health and it has a great impact on your case. It really doesn’t matter if the dog bite is a minor one, ensure that you seek medical attention and treatment for the bite
Settling the dog bite claims out of the court of law with the dog owner is one of the best ways you can have a settlement for your dog attack claim. You can also have the owner’s insurance company or his or her own owner’s insurance cover compensate you for the claim. You save on cash and time when you choose the out of court settlement option. If you go for this option, don’t settle to quickly as this may see you lose the essence of the settlement.
If any issue arises and the dog owner fails to meet their side of the agreement, take the step of hiring a professional lawyer. The lawyer will come in handy as he or she will gather the evidence, and draft a demand letter to the dog owner on the expenses you have incurred and also inform the dog owner of your intentions to file a case in the court of law. The lawyer also drafts a quote on the amount you are demanding from the dog owner as compensation so as not to proceed with the case in the court of law. Proceed with the suite if the dog has been involved in another biting incident.