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Some of the Early Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

A good number of people who are suffering from dementia in American are not aware of it Dementia is a term that is used to describe conditions that affect cognitive functions such the Alzheimer disease. Dementia does not only affect old people as it is associated with old age. The fact that dementia is associated with old age does not mean that it affects on the old people. Dementia can affect any person regardless of age. The following are some of the early signs and symptoms of dementia.

Memory loss is one of the early signs and symptoms that a person having dementia will exhibit. You will identify a person suffering from memory loss by repeatedly asking for the same information. Another thing that can help you to know whether a person has memory loss is when you see a person that has difficulties in remembering very recent information. A person how always depend on written information as a reminder may also be suffering from memory loss. Memory loss is the first sign that will appear in a person suffering from dementia.

Another sign and symptom that shows that someone may be suffering from dementia is the withdrawal from usual activities. You will find a person who used to talk too much is no longer interested in taking. When you are suffering from this condition, you will no longer enjoy your hobbies and this may result in you staying alone to evade the people you used to have fun with in your hobby. It is very helpful for you to see a specialist if you notice some of these signs and symptoms for early treatment of dementia in case you are suffering from it.

Another sign and symptom of dementia is disorientation. Disorientation is like the feeling that you get when you wake up. When you are suffering from disorientation, you are so confused that you cannot be in a position to tell you name, where you are or even any other critical information that may be useful. Seek medical attention in case you have signs of disorientation which is a very serious symptom of dementia.

Lastly, diminishing ability to communicate is another sign and symptom of dementia. You will find it difficult to arrange words in your mind and thus delaying even in communication. You might forget words even when you are about to talk. You should seek medical attention in case of these signs for early treatment in case you are suffering from dementia. In this link, you will discover more details about dementia treatment The above are signs and symptoms of dementia.