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Why You Should Sell to Real Estate Investors

Sometimes, the decision to sell your home becomes a perfect one. However, the desire of every homeowner is to sell the house as fast as possible. Traditionally, realtors have been used when selling houses. But selling with realtors is faced with so many shortcomings. Delay is one of the frustrations that arise when using a realtor.

Engaging realtor during the sale of your home may result in headaches and frustration. Such headaches are especially common when you need a quick sale of your home. What causes such frustrations is the uncertainty and delay experienced when selling with a realtor. Such frustrations can, however, be avoided when you sell to direct house buyers for cash. Cash home buyers are investors who buy homes using cash. They don’t use mortgages since they have sufficient cash for all their transactions.

On the other hand, you be required to list your house first when using a real estate agent. Such listing is, however, not required when selling to a cash house buyer. The only thing you will need is to call a cash buyer or complete a form online. The cash home buyer will then make a cash offer within 24 hours. If you accept the offer, the deal would be closed within 7 days.

But why would you sell to real estate investors? There are many situations when you would need to sell your house fast. Since a cash house buyer would complete the deal within a few days, they are perfect especially when facing an emergency. The following are some of the reasons you should sell to quick property buyers.

1. No repairs.

If your house looks old and ugly, you don’t have to perform repairs in order to sell. Cash home buyers do not need any upgrades before they buy your house. A real estate investor will buy the house as-is. That is not the case with realtors since you would have to do repairs. Since a house cash buyer does not need repairs, you save the money that would have gone to repairs.

2. Foreclosure.

In case of a foreclosure, you can stop it when you sell the house to a cash house buyer. A cash house buyer will close the deal within a few days which allows you to have sufficient time to clear the loan balance. Therefore, you will not lose your house through foreclosure.

3. No charges.

A realtor will deduct a percent of the total sale as commission. The final amount available to you will be lower. There is no commission when selling to cash home buyers. You will receive what was agreed initially.
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