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If you decide to immigrate, you must be looking for immigration attorney to serve you. If you are living in Arizona, it is easier for you to find the Law Office of Michael Post. You need the finest legal services based on your immigration needs, so you better talk to his agent through the hotline. You deserve to know the legal fees depending on the type of case and practice area as well. If you visit the actual website, you will learn more about legal fees. As you prepare money for legal fees, it is important that you know the proceeds.

If you seek for consultation, you must prepare $50. Such amount is already good for 1 hour of consultation. Your case is different from other clients. Hence, you need to speak with the legal officer to know how much exactly you need to pay. The legal fees range from $30 to $3000 depending on the occasion. If you will avail their services, you are informed that the fees being mentioned at the website do not include fees for government filing. Your attorney will even process the translation of documents and even the acquisition of court or police documents. You need to prepare extra money for that.

If you need to contact their office, you must provide your full name, phone number, electronic mail address, and your message. Be sure that your message has complete information. You even need to put into detail the things that you want to request from their office so that they can assist you immediately according to your expectations. You also need to choose the case type. Those case types may either be for non-immigrant visas, naturalization and citizenship, and immigrant visas. If your case is not show in the choices, you place the term at the section called ‘Others’. You click ‘Submit’ button once you are done.

You will never have issues about Michael Post’s law office because they are committed to answer all the questions related to immigrant visas, naturalization and citizenship law issues, and non-immigrant visas. You need to contact the lawyer immediately if you need to schedule for an appointment. He will even be glad to discuss to you the nature of your case. Hence, you will end up getting an informed decision. If you also need to know their office location, they can provide the exact address at the site.

As to consultation, Michael Post is offering 30-minute consultation to have all your questions answered. You will be happy once you contact him because he offers reasonable fees as well. He will even personally handle the case that comes through his office. If you want to see him personally, you better choose a date and time. The immigration system has indeed a lot of complexities. With a decent attorney to work for your case, you can surely obtain work permits, visas, green cards, and naturalization in the long run. Just call the office through the hotline provided online. You will be proud that you find an attorney who is dedicated to help you until you reach your purpose.

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