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Residential Cargo Lifts

Residential cargo lifts allow you to move household items between floors and from a vehicle trunk to a ground level area. They are also useful for carrying groceries, bulky items and other heavy cargo. Cargo lifts are also used in commercial settings.

A residential cargo lift is designed to be a compact, secure system that allows you to transfer goods between elevations. It is designed to lift heavy items up and down, while providing smooth stops to prevent damage. The lift is typically able to handle dozens of bags or other heavy items in one trip.

Depending on your needs, your lift can be configured in a number of ways. For example, you can purchase a small, one-way, enclosed lift, or a large, open, two-way lift. In addition, you can install it on a single or multi-story property, with or without stairs. Some models even include a custom gate for additional security.

Lifts for homes are available in a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. These materials should be durable and able to withstand changes in the weather. Anti-skid materials are also essential for these lifts.

Whether you want to move a few heavy items or a large amount of cargo, a residential cargo lift is a safe and convenient way to get your items to a higher elevation. Using a cargo lift will eliminate the need to use dangerous, time-consuming stairs. This will also increase the resale value of your home.

Most residential cargo lifts have a lifting capacity of at least 1,000 pounds. This is the gold standard for home goods lifts. If you are planning on moving a large amount of heavy cargo, you will want to consider a model with dual winders.

Generally, these are made up of a vertical mast and a ground support base. They are attached together using bracing. There are also a few other components, such as an electric winch. Each of these pieces is operated by a control unit. The control unit is lockable, so that only authorized parties can access it.

Control unit 90 is connected to a switch module 92 via cable 99. Switch module 92 toggles between “on” and “off” positions. It is also equipped with a rotary limit switch. With the use of a key, the user can set the rotary limit switch to the desired position.

The control unit also includes a drive unit, which is a motor that is capable of lifting the mast. Typically, a drive unit is about the height of a conventional automobile trunk. Another component of this type of lift is a sleeve that attaches to the top of the pulley. Lastly, there is a cable that is routed over the pulley.

Other controls may be used, as well. You can also set your lift to transport your items only one way. By doing so, you will minimize the risk of someone stepping on your goods. Similarly, you can also set your lift to have one stop, two stops, or three stops.

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