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Tips on Drywall Installation

Drywall installation is one of the most challenging home improvement projects that many homeowners will undertake. It is not only a complex project but it is also expensive. The good news is that drywall installation can be a simple process if professionals are hired to do the job.

An experienced drywall installation cost estimator should be used to estimate the costs associated with installing drywall in new homes and older homes. First, to prepare the area for installation by cutting and covering plumbing and electrical cables with proper safety protection. Next, install the drywall using drywall anchors and screws.

For houses that have existing drywall, patching it up can be the preferred method. In this case, a finishing plaster must be used on the interior surface to create a smooth finish. To avoid creaking, it is better to use two coats of patching material. In addition to saving money and time, finishing plaster can extend the life of the drywall.

Before the drywall is installed, a layer of mastic is applied to the interior surface to act as a structural base for the drywall. Once the mastic is applied, the exterior surface will need to be coated with a water resistant paint. A per square foot cost would be needed to cover all surfaces and this includes the areas that are not covered by the plaster. This would include the areas that were not sealed.

For ceilings, it is better to use drywall that is installed at the same depth as the ceiling. If there is no space at the top of the drywall, install drywall from the bottom of the ceiling down to just below the ceiling. This allows the drywall to form a lip along the ceiling where the drywall is secured, eliminating the need for the traditional drywall hang ups.

As with any home improvement project, installing drywall is best left to professionals. Doing it yourself increases the chance for error and creates a mess. Hiring a professional drywall contractor who has experience installing your new drywall will eliminate any problems you might have with your installation. These contractors also know how to replace drywall when it becomes worn, stained or ripped. They also have tools to help speed up the drying process and will cut the drywall to the size that you need. This will allow your walls to dry quickly so you do not have to worry about it catching fire or being damaged by the cold.

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