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Buying Whiteboards

Whiteboards are essential for every workplace and office. Versatile and easy to use, they provide an outstanding means to communicate to individuals in all manner of various settings. They are awesome tools for getting the whole group involved in contributing ideas and working through a plan. Whiteboards have even found a place in many homes as an effortless way to show to-do lists, shopping lists, chores for kids, and more. To purchase a whiteboard that suits you, it is necessary that you don’t rush to the market and acquire one. Instead, you should take your time to conduct some research. This will help you to head to the market and not strain to spot the correct whiteboard. Make sure you consider the points explained here.

Board size is one of the things to look at. Board size is a good place to start. It’s imperative to give some contemplation to what your whiteboard is going to be used for day after day. You should avoid a whiteboard that’s exceedingly small because you are going to use much of your time erasing your past thoughts to create room for new ones. Inversely, do not acquire a whiteboard that’s extremely big as the space will appear too much. Measure up the area you plan to work in prior to starting browsing the wide range of the available sizes.

Choose between wall-mounted and free-standing whiteboards. Choosing whether to get a wall-mounted or a free-standing board is a crucial decision. Wall-mounted whiteboards need to be fixed in a room thus perfect for a designated classroom or meeting. With a free-standing whiteboard, you’re acquiring some extra flexibility. If your working space is glass-walled, for instance, a free-standing whiteboard will be a great choice. Flexibility is the real advantage of avoiding wall-mounted whiteboards. Thus, you should look for a whiteboard that’s effortless to move and if possible with wheels for the bigger sizes. This will let you transform any rightfully sized venue or room into a teaching or meeting environment, effortlessly.

Be keen on surface options. Whiteboards are available in surfaces of different materials, for example, melamine, lacquered steel, and porcelain. Melamine whiteboards are cheap and are great in areas that don’t need heavy use like the cafeteria room. Although boards with these surfaces can endure for years with light use and proper cleaning, their warranties aren’t extended. Lacquered steel boards are magnetic and have added robustness. They allow for comfortable writing and a marker cleans off easily, avoiding ghosting. Porcelain boards with the addition of steel are magnetic and last more while maintaining a low cost. They don’t stain easily and allow smooth writing. They guarantee long-term use.

Cost is something to consider. As you peruse different sites and visit different stores, you’ll realize that whiteboards prices differ. It is easy to compromise on the excellence of whiteboards just to avoid high costs. However, doing so will cost you more because the board might need to be replaced sooner than you think. Ensure the whiteboards you’re considering are of high quality then compare their rates.

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