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Simple Ways to Clean a Glass Pipe for Early Marijuana Smokers

Most of us have learned the hard way from pipes that any failure to clean them will result in filthiness and it can’t be used for any consumable water. It is unhygienic to neglect to do laundry and clean the stove for months. For marijuana smokers, they need to mind about cleaning their glass pipes as they do to other important things. Failure to regularly clean your cheap glass pipes will result in dirt that can cause cancer and other medical conditions. Not only that but also it will also ruin and degrade your glass pipe. From an experienced smoker’s view, you will taste the best strain well if you have the cheap glass pipe well cleaned.

The simplest procedure works best for the economical type who are using the nice cheap glass pipes. A simple and faster procedure will be the right choice for you. Check the following ways of cleaning your cheap glass pipes. You should go about this method without problems and solve your cheap glass pipes.

If you decide to use the cleaning water method, you should ensure that you have emptied all the debris from the pipe bowl. Turn the bowl upside down, shake it and scoop the debris with a paper towel. The next thing is to boil water and insert the cheap glass pipe into the pot or pour the water over it. You may choose to add salt or dishwashing liquid into the boiling water.

Let the cheap glass pipes stay in the boiling water for some 30 minutes depending on how dirty the pipes are. To scrub the softened resin from the glass pipes, you can use the paper towel. You can then continue to wipe the resin for a long time until the surface is cleaned and then rinse it.

Rubbing alcohol is also one of the best methods to clean cheap glass pipes. If you feel that the cheap glass pipes will break down when you scrub it, you can shift to the rubbing alcohol and clear up all the sticky resins from the pipe. An abrasion factor or salt works best with alcohol to clean the cheap glass pipes. To do this, fill a Ziploc bag with isopropyl alcohol of about 90% purity. After this, you can put some salt in the alcohol and shake it well to dissolve.

If it is possible to put the salt inside the cheap glass pipe and close the mouth with your fingers, it will be the best. You then shake the salt inside the pipe to ensure that its abrasive nature will remove all the tar and resin. From here, you can allow the pipe to stay in the salt and water for the whole night. Remove the glass from the content and rinse it thoroughly with lost of clean water.