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How To Keep Wood Fences In Good Conditions

A fenced home look attractive while at the same time prevents access from people without being welcomed. Some people prefer using wood to fence because of several reasons such as being cheap and creating an improved look for the fence. It is important to put in place some measures to keep the fence in good conditions so that it can last longer without showing signs of aging. There are various things that can cause damage to the fence such as moisture, extreme temperatures and termites. Due to bring absorbent, wood is affected by water as the result will be production of mold that is destructive.

One way of protecting wood fences is regularly cleaning it with water to get rid of dust and other things that stick onto the wood. Using a pressure washer can be better to clean and this should be done while making sure the pressure is not too much. Chemical washers can be destructive to plants which require one to cover the near plants when using it to clean. Dust and small debris can stick inside cracks on the wood and a tool should be used to scrape them off to keep it clean. After the fence is cleaned it should be left to dry for around two days and then one can seal it with some sealant. Sealants are a perfect way of protecting wood from being affected by water as it gives a protective layer over the wood.

It is necessary to request the supplier to advise on the sealant that will be suited for you depending on the climate for your location. A fence can be stained after being applied with sealants to give a better and unique look to the fence. Wood can get rotten when there are plants nearby as they produce moisture which is not suited for wood. To keep the home beautiful flowers are needed and they have to be planted while ensuring a safe distance from the wood. The plants need to be watered and for this sprinklers can be used while keeping them at a distance to avoid getting the wood wet.

Plants nearby the fence should be watered manually because it may be difficult to regulate the reach of a sprinkler. Most people have a termite contract and this includes the house as well as the fence. When one is careful to make repairs on time they can avoid having to pay much more to have it replaced after being too damaged. There are indications to know that attention us needed to keep the fence in order such as leaning or some wood being bored.