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The definition of Chicory and Advantages to Your Health

If you are trying to lose weight, boost your health or replace coffee form your diet, a natural multi-purpose ingredient know as chicory has been used over the centuries by people. It is not as fad as celery juice is but a real solution to your health complications. There are numerous benefits that come with the use of chicory root daily in your diet. Apart from assisting in weight loss, it also has an attractive taste as well as prevent major deceases . There is more info about chicory as well as its benefits as noted below. You wish to have chicory in each of your foods all the time since it comes with countless benefits.

The use of chicory helps in the reduction of weight which the advantage which it is commonly known for. In chicory roots, you are likely to find sugar chains that are included in the inulin which is a prebiotic fiber. However, it is unique in that it does not behave like sugar chains even though it has sugar chains. It is not digested by the body which means it does not get absorbed in the bloodstream. It is normally converted into short-chain fatty acids instead of getting digested. This means that it helps you if you want to lose weight by taking in fewer calories.

The other benefit that comes with the consumption of chicory is digestive health. A balance of bacteria with other microbes help in the functioning of your digestive system.You may suffer from indigestion, excessive gas, and other illnesses if you have too few bacteria. The inulin assists in balancing the good bacteria in your digestive system. You are advised to take chicory to increase the number of your good bacteria in your system.

It is also beneficial to use chicory since it helps in the control of colon cancer which is an advantage. With an inflammation in the colon, you risk illnesses which may end up as colon cancer. The more you prevent colon inflammation, the more you reduce chances of colon cancer. The growth of precancerous colon growth in animals by taking in inulin as it according to research. It is also suspected that this may apply to humans although a study needs to be conducted.

It is beneficial when you take in chicory root as your chances of heart attack are minimized. For your arteries to pick up other cholesterol in the bloodstream and send them to the liver for disposal, good cholesterol is needed. When there a build up of LDL which is a bad cholesterol and HDL which is a good one, the end result in your arteries is a plaque. Stroke or heart attack may come as a result of this.