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How Community Supported Agriculture Works

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for the consumers to purchase local farm produce directly from the farmers. CSA has one of the freshest foods around. The food is harvested in the morning, washed, packed, and by the end of the day, they are ready to be delivered to the people. The CSA farms grow wide varieties of crops ? for instance, the root crops, fruits, cooking green, salad green, and more.

CSA farm members receive a periodical share of the farm produce. Being a CSA means that you will enjoy healthy, unprocessed, and fresh food. The membership of CSA is mainly paid at the begging of the panting season. That is before planting is done for planting season. The subscription fee provides the farm with the capital to start farming. The fee also helps the business in making the harvest plan and schedules.

It is vital to note that when you become a member of the CSA farm, you will both share the rewards and the risks of the farm. For instance, if the farm is faced by a hurricane and all the crops are destroyed, the members will have to agree to share the risks. However, there has to be proper planning so that adverse weather does not destroy the crops. Consequently, if the farm produces more harvest than they expected, the farmers will share the extra produce.

The farm disburses the produce to the members at regular intervals mainly every week. There is no wastage as the members get the right amount of harvest directly from the farm. The farm allows the members to grow the crops that will only meet the demand of the members. It is also vital to note that it is the shortest route that you can get the farm produce. No intermediaries are involved. You can ensure that you have a successful diet by stocking your fridge with the freshest foods.

If you love owning a garden, but because of space, work, or because of your farm has many deer on your farm. A CSA is the next thing to having a garden. These farms provide people with an opportunity to participate in farming. If you wish to spend an hour or two on the farm, you should consider in the field; you can consider joining the community support agriculture.

If you have children, CSA provides them with a chance to learn more about farming and vegetables. Kids are curious about being who wants to know how the plants are grown. We know that fresh produce tastes better and fresher, and this may make the kids want to know more about their production. The farm also has animals like chicken which have which will be fun for the people to view.

In Circleville OH, many communities supported agriculture that you can join. With so many options, you should ensure that you investigate the farm properly. New Century CSA is famous for carefully select their farm input to ensure members get safe food. Unlike other CSA, New Century provides members with the flexibility to choose the farm produce that they want every week.

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