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Benefits of Churches

From ancient times, churches have been established in close to all corners of the world. Various denominations have been established, with each of the denominations having a set of beliefs. People have joined these denominations and they have internalized the teachings and the believes of these churches. The church has in recent years played an important role in the behavior of human beings in the society and also has been involved in the polity of various nations. In polity, we have seen most states in the world depending on church leaders for the election of the leaders of the state. With this being said, lets now explore more benefits that the church has to the people and the community at large.

To start with, churches have been used as a form of maintenance of peace and order in society. Churches have teachings that really condemn and discourage the wrongdoers in the community. According to the church teachings, wrongdoing is against the teachings of God. Therefore when people internalize these kinds of teachings, they tend to believe that involving themselves in the wrongful act is bad and they try as much hard as they can to shun from these deviant acts. With so doing, the peace and order in the society are maintained.

Churches have also involved themselves in the social activities in the society. Some of these activities include the voluntary community cleaning services, visits to the aged, the poor and the sick. Many churches today have started the programs where they visit the needy people in society. For example, many churches have programs where they buy these people’s clothes and foods and also some clean their rooms. In recent days, there are churches that have started the nursing homes for the aged where they voluntarily take care of the aged in society.

Another benefit that the church has to the community is that churches have boosted the economic growth of the society. This is through the establishment of various programs that have enabled the economic status of the society to rise. Such programs include the development of learning centers. Many churches have established learning centers such as the kindergartens and also colleges that serve the members of the society. Though these learning centers, the community members have been able to secure employment and also it has led to the development of other things such as the shopping centers. Also through this, the poverty levels in the churches have reduced and the economic status of the community has increased.

Finally, the churches have been active players in the social interaction of the individuals in the community. The churches have programs such as crusades that bring people in the community together. Also, the churches have community activities that tends to bring all the people in the community together. More of this, the churches have programs such as seminars that invite every member of the society to the teachings. Through all these activities and programs that the church has, the social interaction of the members of the community in increased and the relationship of these people has been increased as well.

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