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Learn About Art Therapy

Art therapy is a relatively new field that has been majorly influenced by the fields of psychology and art. This discipline is very popular today despite it having come to light a few years ago. Art therapy uses already created artwork and other forms of the creative process to help people become more aware of their emotions, address unresolved emotions, improve self-esteem, and also improve social skills. This discipline aims to help people with psychological and emotional issues perform better in society. Despite its name, it is important to note that even those with no background or knowledge whatsoever of art can still benefit a lot from this form of treatment. In this article, we will be looking more at art therapy.

Art therapy is impartial when it comes to age. It has been seen to benefit both the young and the old over the years. Art therapy can help you a great deal if you want to improve on your communication skills as well as enhance your level of concentration. It also helps eliminate feelings of isolation among patients. This is one of the most vital benefits of art therapy because feelings of isolation have contributed to a lot of suicides as well as homicides over the years. It is human for people to want to feel like they want to belong. A lack of belonging can bring about anxiety and depression in many people, hence the reason why the feelings of isolation need to be dealt with before they become too much. Art therapy also increases self-awareness, self-esteem, and improves one’s confidence. A lot of studies have been on art therapy. They have all had positive results, showing that this form of therapy can be used in the treatment of a myriad of disorders and illnesses. Some of these are anxiety, substance dependency, anorexia, bulimia, cancer, post-traumatic stress, heart disease, and depression just to name a few. It is therefore a form of therapy that is set to open a lot of doors in the future.

Art therapy is particularly beneficial )for people who feel as though they are out of touch with their emotions. This is because this form of therapy requires a patient to communicate through art rather than regular speech. If you are unable to speak of an experience that you feel is affecting your life today, you need to consider art therapy as your form of treatment because you will not have to talk. Art therapy is also recommended for people who have difficulty remembering certain things in their lives. Art therapy helps people discover memories that may have caused their traumas, and forgotten, as the subconscious does when dealing with painful memories. Art therapy will bring these issues to light, and they can then be discussed in therapy. Some research done on the success of art therapy in treating patients with schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder has also given positive results. Some of the techniques used in art therapy are sculpting, doodling, drawing, painting, carving, and many more.

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