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What are the 10 Common Issues of Air Conditioners In Florida Humidity?

Summers in Florida can get extremely hot and the thought of your AC not working can be devastating news, this is because the air inside your hose can be too hot to accommodate your family, if you notice your AC is not working as required, look for ways to fix it.

The problems with refrigerant lines will make the temperature in the room to be vary, this could be warm or extremely cold since the lines have leaks and cracks in the coils, depending on the nature of the damage it is important to have it fixed for a harmonious temperature.

Another common problem of AC in Florida is the turning off and on of the AC unexpectedly and repeated which means the condenser on the outside is blocked by plants perhaps or dirty and a dirty evaporator causes this problem, luckily ,both problems can be fixed.

The motor which condenses the air is placed on the outside and this mean the fan is exposed to the elements which are outside like dust and this is all year round, if your fan has an issue then you need to have it replaced so that it will regulate the temperature as required.

Another Florida air conditioning issue will occur when the compressor is failing, the HVAC compressor is expensive to in replacing, this is why you need to consider whether it is wise to replace the compressor or buying an entire piece all together, in most cases replacing with an new one is better especially if the AC is more than 5 years.

Once the air filter or the return ducts in the air conditioner are clogged as a result of dirt you will have the coils frozen, to fix the common problem in Florida of the air condition it is easy to replace the filter and remember to check the return ventilation for any blockage.

For the AC to run smoothly, moisture is needed, once there is clogging in the drainage water usually collect in the drainage pan and will overflow causing damages to the water, you can have this problem resolved by a specialist or simply add vinegar to flush out the mildew and mold.

Another issue with AC in Florida is that most could be long have reached their lifespan, the humidity and the heat in Florida will impact the longetivity of the AC and this is one reason to have it replaced once it start to fail in functioning.

If your AC is clogged with dirt in the fan and the motors, then the air will not be regulated as it is required in your Florida home, for this reason you are required to have it cleaned occasionally and ensure you have turned off the power when you are cleaning.