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How Marijuana Drug Testing Emerged in the Workplace

The legalization issue of cannabis also known as marijuana in some areas around the world, caused an argument to whoever favors for it and those who are not. The perspective of the people where marijuana becomes legalized had been altered into a different views since they are able to use marijuana spiff, they come up with a different opinions about the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Maybe there is a lot of questions running in your mind like now such as, what will the marijuana industry do or what are the marijuana industry’s rules and regulation in making their company unquestionable?

If this is something that caught your attention, then it might quench your thirst for information that may provide answers to your curiousness. We will unlock the possible consequences of marijuana legalization especially about marijuana drug testing. The drug test for the employers is one of the most sought after issues for the legalization of marijuana or cannabis. The ingredient that made the plant marijuana becomes active is the THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol. It stays in the body for a considerable period of time. Before if become legal, there’s no problem with the drug testing since law is law however, now that it turned to legal, we tend to be confuse how is the marijuana drug test possible and it usually depends on the employer whatever means they would be implementing. The aftermath of spiff consumption is very unlikely and much broader than any other drugs such as heroin which only last in a day three or two.

The biggest difficulty faced by the expert regarding to the testing method is that it still no reliable THC impairments. Because of that, the employer cannot assure the safeness of their tests. The cannabis testing for every company before was strict that’s why they decided to lessen it but, there seemed to be a growing trend for permissiveness. Because of some observations, the company decided to drop the THC for there are more of their candidates who are positive in it. Some employers may eliminate the that kind of test while some will not, instead, they will just consider their employee as it will promise to be clean for the next test. It is doubtful that being stoned during the job is going to be allowed anytime soon but the legalization of marijuana makes it a hot button issue for those hiring and firing. The authorities can determine the presence of THC in a person through its urine. Despite of that, you can use whizzinator to alter the result. Though some employer or authorities used some sort of method to test if the person is stoned or not, it is still doesn’t reach the par when it comes to knowing if the person is impaired or not.