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Vital Information about Sarcopenia that You have to Know

The body pf a human being is never safe from diseases or developing health conditions naturally. How much information do you have about sarcopenia. Make it habit to understand a variety of human diseases and health conditions often even if you will not exhaust the vast information like the doctors. Read on the vital information about sarcopenia that you have to know.

The bones and muscles of a human being are strong and healthy until one hits 30 years. In your thirties the bones and muscles lose their mass and their performance decline thus your strength and mobility of your muscles lessen. Physically inactive people experience around 3-5{9585bb9f43b6b50e548d1a9e1d784f273bf91445bb7666e8ccb39eff1909f4f0} muscle mass loss rate per decade. This aging condition is known as sarcopenia. Scientists are yet to determine how sarcopenia and muscle mass loss can be diagnosed and tested respectively. People have varying body types hence the rate at which sarcopenia speeds up differs with the body for some experience it at 75 years, as early as 65 years or as late as 80 years. Older adults are at a high risk of falls and bone fractures because of the fragile nature of their bodies that is attributed to sarcopenia.

There are several alarming signs and symptoms of sarcopenia that doctors look out for. Weakness and loss of stamina will decrease your physical activity. The body will not be able to convert proteins into energy as it should. Your body’s hormonal concentration for hormones like testosterone, insulin and growth hormones will drastically reduce. Muscle movement will be negatively affected due to the reduction in nerve cells that send signals to the brain.

There are several reliable drugs for treating sarcopenia. Increase hormonal concentration using testosterone and growth hormone supplements. Medications that treat metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, hypertension, and diabetes are recommended.Urocortin II prevents muscle atrophy and builds muscle mass but is it is not recommended for it is still under study. Keep yourself safe by not self-medicating drugs whether you are sure that they treat sarcopenia or not.

Sarcopenia is also treated through resistance and strength training exercises using weights or resistance bands to increase endurance and strength in your muscles. You will overstretch your muscles and injure yourself if you do not use the appropriate number, frequency, and intensity of resistance when exercising.Resistance training also builds the neuromuscular system, improves the ability of the body to convert proteins into energy and increase the concentration of hormones. You will notice the positive effects of resistance training faster and reduce the risk of hurting yourself when you are guided by a professional personal trainer or physical therapist.

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