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Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Lapel Pin

A man wearing a suit effortlessly looks good but he can look even better. A man wearing a suit will look even more stunning adding a lapel pin into the outfit. It, therefore, gives a fine finishing touch, although there is always a good or downside side of everything. Worn in a wrong way, the lapel pin can spoil a suit’s overall look. It is very critical for one to choose the right pin and know which particular side to wear the lapel on. It is very important to be aware of where to exactly to place it and or the suit to pair it with. We try to help you to successfully and effortlessly pull out a magnificent look as well as choose the right pin.

For different styles and occasions, there are very many various types of lapel pins to choose from. A most common noted style is the stick pin. A ling pin with a cap on the end which may be attached by a chain describes a stick pin.

Often used is a butterfly clutch on smaller pins which is attached to the collar and held firmly by two clasps.

One may, however, wonder how many different lapel pin styles there are. A buttonhole is an example of the different types of lapel pin styles when choosing the right pin. A buttonhole is worn for a wedding occasion. They are real flowers and only worn by a selected few gentlemen at the wedding.

A mini lapel pin is another type of very many different types of lapel pins. To show fraternal, military or political support, the mini lapel is worn and sometimes only for stylish reasons too.

A rare lapel pin, the brooche requires to be worn in confidence. Majorly made from precious metals, it is a statement piece that is securely attached to the lapel.

Knowing how to wear them comes with the knowledge os the many different styles when choosing the right pin. On your left lapel in the buttonhole is where the lapel pin should be placed.

Choosing the right pin is important because done the right way it will ultimately give you a great look. A poor choice in lapel pins leads to a very bad overall look when choosing the right pin. One should also choose a style that corresponds the occasion.

When attending a wedding one may be asked to wear a buttonhole. Other styles is also applicable when the request has not been made in a wedding occasion. Choosing the right pin completes a professional look at work. In an informal dinner, you can complement your look with a stick pin which is great for informal occasions.

When choosing the right lapel pin, it is a small accessory that coordinates an outfit correctly. The lapel pin is always worn through the left buttonhole.