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How to Choose the Right Transformer

Let start by defining what transformer means. It’s a component that is capable of transforming electrical energy from electric circuit to another. In most cases transformer are used in raising or lowering the voltage in respect to amount of current available. With that in mind we can say that electric transformer are based on the amount of power energy they can give under normal conditions. In this article we will learn more on how to choose the right electric transformer.

Since an electric transformer functionality can be affected by external factors such as high temperature or lower temperature, altitude or even earthquakes. You should make sure you choose a transformer that can withstand almost all of them. Thus the place where you want to set up the transformer matters allot. In areas like offshore you should consider transformers that are oil filled protected. Any transformer you choose should also meet the ATEX approval and other requirements especially in places with harsh weather conditions. In case where the temperature is high, the transformer you choose should have good cooling system.

If you’re living in an area with high risk of fire then you should consider buying a dry type transformer. These type of transformer have minimal maintenance cost and can also be placed on air. Another thing to consider when buying a transformer is the number of phases required. There are two types of phase single and three phase transformers. If it is for home then you may consider single phase but if you’re thinking of starting an industry you should go for a three phase transformer. Purpose of the transformer also matters a lot. We have isolation, k factor or an auto transformer all this depends on how you intend to use the transformer and what is expected.

Another thing to look is the kVA rating of the transformer. KVA (kilo volt-ampere) rating shows the size and nature of electrical loads a transformer can carry. You need a transformer that will withstand the maximum load you have. An electrical transformer company will guide you on t6he right transformer for you if you tell them the kind of load to be handled. Thus it’s important to consider the voltage of the transformer, input and output voltage. This depends on the type of machines you will be using, if its home based you don’t need high voltage but to operate big machines you need high output voltage transformer.

You also need to put in mind the transformer frequency. There are cases when the incoming frequency differs from the output frequency that is expected. In cases like this you may need a frequency converter to get a stable input and output frequency. The amount of space you have also play part in the kind of transformer you need. It’s possible to get a transformer that meets your size of space if it’s small. By making the right decision when it comes to transformer, you will be increasing the frequency and extending the life span of the transformer

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