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Things to Consider When Looking for an Aluminum Pipe Supplier

The aluminum pipe is one of the most popular pipes being used in various industries. Some of its applications are frames, machine parts, vehicle and boat components, electrical fittings and connectors. Therefore, a lot of pipe manufacturers and suppliers are focusing on aluminum pipes. However, not all aluminium pipes are the same as well as aluminum suppliers provide similar pipes. There are things to consider when you are looking for a supplier for aluminum pipes. Here are the major factors to consider.

1. Type – Although there are dozens on product types available in the market for aluminum pipes, the best type available in the market today is the schedule 40 series. This product type is very durable and compatible to use for all kinds of industries. You can never go wrong if you choose a supplier that provides schedule 40 aluminum pipes.

2. Alloy – The alloy used for aluminum pipes also varies. The popular option in the market is the 6061 alloy which is more than enough to cater the demands of different industries for aluminum pipes. However, there is also an alloy that is around 50% stronger than the 6061 alloy known as 2024 alloy. A supplier that has a stock of 6061 alloy pipes and can provide 2024 alloy pipes whenever you need it is a great aluminum pipe supplier to consider.

3. Size – The supplier must be able to provide aluminum pipes in various sizes. You do not want to adjust your needs to the available pipe. You want to secure the right aluminum pipe that fits to your needs and not the other way around.

4. Price – The price for aluminum pipe is by foot. You need to check if the price is reasonable and calculate if the total cost for the pipe you want to buy is within your budget. Do not settle on the price per foot right away if you need a lot of aluminum pipes. You want to balance your budget to the total cost and see if it is reasonable to purchase the pipe from the supplier or look for another supplier that can provide cheaper pipes.

5. Delivery Fee – Unless you have enough manpower and your own truck to bring the pipes from the store to your location, it is better to consider if the supplier has a delivery service. This is important if you are planning to purchase multiple pipes. You do not want to overspend on the delivery fee regardless if you can secure cheap pipes. If possible, look for suppliers which provide free delivery service whenever you purchase aluminum pipes.

6. Quality – Make sure to check the quality of aluminum pipes. You do not want to purchase cheap quality pipes that can do more harm than good to your operation or infrastructure. Check reviews from clients who purchased pipes from the supplier and see if they are very satisfied and would recommend the supplier.

Aluminum pipes are critical to whatever structure or project you have. Do not neglect choosing the right supplier if you want to get quality aluminum pipes on the right size at a reasonable price. If possible, look for 6061 t6 schedule 40 aluminum pipe for it is compatible for various projects.

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