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Some Bed Exercises That You Can Do If You Have Limited Mobility or in Recovery

One may be immobile because of problems such as accidents, diseases, or aging. However, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to keep your body moving however big or small the movement. You can try bed exercises to help you with your movement. However, you should be clear on the nature and cause of your limited mobility when you try out the exercises. Visit these experts to learn how stem cell therapy can help you. Follow this guide for the exercises you can do in your limited mobility situation.

A side plank with a twist is one of the bed exercises you can explore. Position yourself onto one side, e.g., your right side, and get your legs stretched straight. You should then place the right forearm on the bed. The next step will be to press into your forearm and lift your right hip away, then lower down. Ensure that you keep your shoulders and hips stacked. You can work on one side for about 30 seconds before you switch to the next side. You can get help for your mobility difficulties when you visit these experts.

You can also try the hamstrings strengthener as a bed exercise. The first step will be to turn over on your stomach and then stretch your legs out long. The next step will be to raise one leg behind you for about 12 inches, hold it for five seconds, and then slowly lower it down. Do the same thing about ten times, but you can keep increasing your duration as you continue increasing strength. Visit these experts so that you can get the assistance you need to deal with your mobility issues.

Clams can also be an excellent bed exercise to do to open your hips. You will need to come onto your side, bend your knees and rest one leg on top of the other. The next thing to do will be to lift the company from the lower one while ensuring that you keep the inner edges of your feet together. Hold them apart for 10 seconds after which you can lower your knee down. To get stem cell therapy to fix your mobility problem, visit these experts.

Another exercise for you to try out is the straight leg raise. The first step will be to lie on your back and draw your navel towards your spine to bring your lower back toward the bed. Then, lift one leg straight up for about 12 inches, hold for 10 seconds, and slowly lower it down. Do the same 10 to 15 times for each leg, and add weighted cuffs to your ankle as you keep building strength.

Marching hip raises are also excellent for you to explore. Bend your knees, then walk your heels near your butt, placing your arms along your sides. The next thing will be to press into your heels and lift the hips for as far as you can go. Discover how stem cell therapy can help fix your mobility problems when you visit these experts.