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How to Choose a Drain Cleaning System

A clogged drainage is nothing short of a nightmare. Who wants black sludge backing up the sink or toilet before spreading itself nasty all over the floor? This doesn’t happen very often, but it sure can, especially with poor maintenance. After all, when the drain is good, so is the rest of your plumbing.

Before choosing a drain cleaning service, here are things to consider:

License and Insurance

There are different licensing requirements for drain cleaners in every state. In any case, do not consider anyone without a license. While this will not guarantee a good job, it tells you that the drainer has been properly vetted by no less than the government itself. Another benefit of hiring a licensed drain cleaner is insurance. A licensed drainer is covered by a policy that frees you from liability in case an accident occurs onsite, whether this leads to an injury or property damage.


A license means a lot in terms of a drain cleaner’s abilities, but what truly separates the performers from the slackers is experience. While there are many new and promising drain-cleaning services today, veterans can give you an edge that others cannot. More experience means more drain-cleaning issues encountered and resolved. In short, with an experienced drain cleaner, you can expect your problems diagnosed and fixed as quickly as possible. Besides, if these cleaners have been around for at least five years, they’re probably doing it right, or they would have been history.

Client References

Even among licensed and experienced drain cleaners, differences can still be significant. For example, not all of them are as prompt when it comes to responding to customer concerns. Some are also more flexible when it comes to cost negotiations. What better way to know about these details than to actually talk to some of your prospective cleaner’s past customers. You’ll be amazed how much insight one call can give you. If the drain cleaner you’re considering won’t give you references, that only means they’re hiding something, and you don’t have to know what.

Comprehensive Services

Household issues usually come as a package. If your drainage is blocked, most probably, your plumbing is problematic too. And you can’t help needing related services every now and then, such as sewer repair or maybe even a total re-piping of your plumbing. To make everyone’s job easier, it’s best to hire a drain cleaner that also provides a whole line of related services. Not only is this convenient, but it saves you cash too.


Lastly, different cleaners will cost you differently, and it’s perfectly understandable. However, you have to remember that cost is not always an indication of service quality. In fact, if something seems incredibly cheap, you should be suspicious. If they’re charging way too much, that’s not an indication either that they are the best. The best thing to do is to call at least three or four drain cleaners, ask for quotes and make comparison. Your gut will usually lead you to your best choice.

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